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The heart is unpredictable. At times, it’s touched in unexplainable ways. That’s how we’ve felt since we first stepped foot in Guatemala. Sure, we were excited to see our friends, Duane and Leslie Ficker (Adonai International Ministries), but it’s evolved into something much more meaningful. I suppose you could be romanced by the beautiful mountainous countryside or moved by the life challenges of the indigenous Quiche Indians, treated like third class citizens in a third world country, or instead humbled to realize that life is much more than hectic schedules and socio economic status. I’ve witnessed first-hand the love a 13 year old mother has for her newborn baby – perhaps demonstrated differently than we would expect, but so precious just the same … putting the baby’s wellbeing above her own. So you can imagine the benefit of a birthing center and critical care hospital to be built in the rural village of Canilla, Guatemala.


Read how we are Building Hope for Guatemala...

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