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Men who have lost their way, simply in need of a helping hand, is the basis of the six drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Honduras. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives – I’m amazed at the power of unconditional love. We’re grateful for the opportunity to align with Pastor Javier Sagastume of the Ministry of Restoration of Life. When you positively impact the life of a man, you also positively impact the life of his wife and children..


$40 pays to support one man for one month as he reestablishes his footing during the 7 month program.


How old were you when you first started taking care of yourself? What about a younger sibling? I was twelve. The children of working class parents in Honduras are in a similar situation. That’s the blessing of the feeding program sponsored by Pastor Omar and Gloria Shaldariz. Children are provided a safe haven for a nutritious lunch and playtime. It’s no wonder this vision continued to expand into safe housing for orphaned children. The first of six buildings, each to house ten children, is expected to be complete in April 2016.


$30 pays to support one orphan for one month as they prepare for a successful future

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