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Building Hope for Guatemala

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Embedded in the Guatemalan communities, multiple organizations are currently working in partnership to impact the indigenous people in the rural highlands. Led by Adonai International Ministries ("AIM"), clinics are staffed by PAs/RNs and serve hundreds of people each week with care for emergency and chronic medical conditions. In addition, they provide crucial nutrition (milk, protein supplements, vitamins and food packs) to women and children. Prenatal care is provided to more than 400 women on a monthly basis. AIM, along with their partner organizations, have come together to launch Building HOPE for Guatemala. For while the impact of these services is significant, the need is far greater.


The remote community of Canilla in the central highlands of Guatemala will be the site of the new hospital. More than 90 smaller villages surround Canilla. Respiratory illnesses, malnutrition, diabetes and dehydration are far too common, particularly among children. Travel is difficult in this remote area. There are few paved roads, and during the six-month rainy season, mudslides are frequent.


Today, the closest government hospital is two to three hours away, depending on road conditions. Those who make the trip arrive at a 120 bed facility serving over one million people. Beds, medications and staff are in short and inconsistent supply. Those desperately in need of care are often turned away. 


The new hospital will include an emergency and trauma room, two surgical suites, two birthing rooms, a pharmacy, lab, patient care rooms and outpatient exam rooms. In addition, basic living quarters will be provided for the physicians. It simply cannot be overstated how dramatically this facility will improve the quality of life in the many communities it will serve.


The land is secured.  The plans are drawn and approved.  The excavation is in process. The physicians are committed.  The patients are waiting.


Our Projects


  1. Hospital construction

  2. Nursing and medical school

  3. Remote area clinics

  4. Language (Spanish and English) school

  5. Coffee House

  6. Widows basket project

  7. Infant and children’s nutrition program

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