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Who would think in this modern age of medical advancement that leprosy remains a debilitating disease? But then again, who would think leper villages in the middle of remote areas in India could teach us so much about selflessness and community? Who would feed you if you had no hands? Who would take care of your children if you had no feet? Despite their challenges, they are full of joy because of their faith. They have no choice but to believe in the power of prayer and they have yet to be disappointed. On his recent trip with Relevant Expeditions (Jim and Pat Harris), Bob witnessed first-hand how a 5th bag of rice met the needs of the growing village. Simple trust. If God desires to take care of the grass in the field and the sparrow in the tree, why wouldn’t He take care of us? Because of their faithfulness, we know their dignity has been restored - they no longer have to beg for basic sustenance.


$400 pays for one month of rice for one leper village. While each village can grow their own vegetables, the men, women and children need rice for sustenance.

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